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Our team has been offering independent insurance sales in Sonoma County for over 40 years, serving both individuals and employers in the community as they search for robust, cost-effective coverage. Whether you are purchasing your insurance individually or you are shopping for an entire workplace, our team is ready to take your needs to a wide range of insurance providers, so you get the best rates possible. When you work with us, we work for you and not the insurance companies, so you will get options designed to provide exactly the coverage you need at the best price possible.

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Health Coverage for Individuals and Businesses

Finding the right health benefits can be difficult, but that’s why you have our team to help you. As brokers, our role is to find the best prices we can for our client, and that client is you. There’s no reason you should have to settle when it comes to getting health care, and when you have the ability to cross-compare plans to see where the cost trade-offs come in, it’s easier to make sure you have both the right coverage and the right price for health insurance.


Sackett & Associates has been providing individuals and employers with access to excellent health care plans for over 30 years, which means you gain the expertise that comes from a seasoned team and the advantage of the professional connections that have been built in that time. As your employee benefits broker, our experience goes to work to get you great coverage that complies with the ACA.

​Providing Insurance Services You Need

We can help you with more than one type of coverage, so let us know if you want to bundle your plans together or if your needs are changing. We want to make sure you are always covered, with the right kind of protection for your current needs.​

Individual Health Insurance

​Get the coverage you need, individually or for your entire family. Compare plan options from a variety of providers, and get help parsing the particulars of each plan. Rest assured you're getting the best plan designed to fit your needs.

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Group Health Insurance

We recognize the reality that each business has unique needs. Our personalized service includes insurance quotes based specifically on your business needs and tailored for your employees.

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Medicare Heath Plans

Making the transition from private health insurance to Medicare gets easier when you have professionals you know and trust to call on. Let our team help you get set up when the time comes

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Life Insurance

​Take care of your loved ones and your estate with insurance options that can also double as an investment . Our team can help you weigh the benefits of all forms of life insurance.

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