Montreal Financial provides accounting, tax and strategic consulting services to small businesses, startups and self employed individuals that want to take control of their finances, understand their businesses and improve their bottom line.

Every business owner has a unique set of circumstances. Our consulting services recognize that and are customized to your individual situation. Whether you are thinking about starting your business or want to take it to the next level, we can help you identify your challenges, remove the overwhelm that often comes with being a business owner and come up with actionable solutions.


My name is Ronika Khanna. I am a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). I started my career in Montreal and then moved to Bermuda where I worked as an accounting professional for two multinational firms, in the investment and reinsurance industries. After 7 years of being on a lovely, but tiny island with perhaps an excessive amount of humidity, I decided to move back to Montreal. where I immediately took a job as the Controller for a company, that has now gone public.  

While my career was interesting and fulfilling, I realized that I derived greater satisfaction when working directly with small businesses where I could make more of a difference. In 2008 I decided to launch my own small business as an accountant and financial consultant to other small businesses. Establishing yourself when you are a new and unknown business is always difficult, but I enjoyed the challenge. I started blogging in my spare time and was open to almost any opportunity that came my way. This helped me gain experience and focus on the areas where I could provide most value.

It has been an exciting journey and over the past 10+ years I have been fortunate to have helped a diverse number of small businesses with their financial, accounting and tax needs with the ultimate goal of having them better understand their finances, improve their financial confidence and boost their business profitability.


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