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Grafton Medical

“We didn’t need to look for another accountant, we knew Andrew could do it. Andrew has specialist knowledge of the medical industry, his wife is a GP and he understands how it works, like the government funding, dealing with ACC and the Ministry of Health.”

Dr Lung Choi & Janice Choi, Grafton Medical
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Loan Market Howick

“Andrew’s not old school. He’s an early adopter and Xero makes the world of difference. I like that it gives clear, visual data. I use the reporting a lot. I can easily compare March for the last five years.”

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Applause Communications

“The Accounting Hub is not part of the suit and tie brigade. They’re like me, into caravans and kitesurfing. They’re efficient and effective without being formal. They’ve completely changed my business.”

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Updated GST invoicing & record keeping requirements

The rules covering tax invoices are being updated for the first time since the introduction of GST in 1986 with the aim being to make GST record keeping easier. GST invoice rules are being updated to reflect some of the changes that have occurred in the way business is done and to make the format of a tax invoice, now called taxable supply information, less prescriptive. These changes are set to…  Read more

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