Safe, simple network protection for the Firefox browser

The Firefox browser is secure, but the networks you join might not be. Protect your sensitive data and gain peace of mind with our lightweight Firefox extension.

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Protect your privacy

Your internet service providers can collect your browsing data. Firefox Private Network blocks snooping by encrypting your web traffic in Firefox.

Fight online tracking

Advertisers can use your location and IP address to profile you and target you with ads. Firefox Private Network hides your location and IP address to keep you covered.

Simple to use

Firefox Private Network browser extension offers peace of mind without the complexity. Just turn it on and your connection is secure.

Set it & forget it network protection for the Firefox browser

No configuration, no apps to install, no headaches. Just flip the switch and your Firefox browser traffic is protected.

Protection for the Firefox desktop browser

Just $2.99/Month

30-day money-back guarantee

  • Encrypt web traffic in the Firefox desktop browser
  • Mask your location and IP address
  • Connect up to 3 browsers
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • No installation necessary, use it right from Firefox

About our trusted partner

Firefox Private Network browser protection uses a server provided by our partner Cloudflare, who collects a limited amount of data and deletes it permanently after 24 hours.

How does Firefox Private Network browser extension work?

The Firefox Private Network browser extension creates an encrypted tunnel called a proxy between your browser and a network managed by our trusted partner Cloudflare. While you browse the web, your browsing data flows from Firefox directly through this secure connection. This means that your ISP, network manager, or eavesdroppers on a public Wi-Fi network cannot see your browsing. Since your web traffic is proxied by Cloudflare before it reaches the web, your location and IP address are also masked so that online trackers have a harder time following you as you browse.

Why do I have to pay for the Firefox Private Network browser extension?

There is always a cost associated with the network infrastructure required to run a secure proxy service like the Firefox Private Network browser extension. We believe the simplest and most transparent way to account for these costs is by providing this service at a modest subscription fee.

Does Firefox Private Network work on all browsers?

The free extension requires the Firefox browser for desktop, which is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Is this a VPN?

No. The Firefox Private Network browser extension offers set and forget network protection while you shop, bank, and browse in Firefox. It’s lightweight and simple. A VPN is a more robust software application that allows location switching. It’s a separate app you install to secure everything on your device that connects to the internet, including all browsers, social media apps, and banking apps. Learn more if you’re interested in our VPN.

When will Firefox Private Network be available outside the US?

We will offer the Firefox Private Network beta in the United States into early 2020. We’re working on expanding the service to other regions soon after.

Does Firefox Private Network log my browsing history?

Firefox is committed to protecting your privacy. Our privacy policy outlines how we handle your data. The browser-level protection, provided by Cloudflare, temporarily logs unidentified browsing history and deletes this data within 24 hours as a mechanism to detect and handle abuse on the network. Neither Firefox nor Cloudflare is able to associate usage with users as each party holds partial aspects of this data which are never joined.