Mega Linkfest: 02 December, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The Godfather, Saudi Style (Guardian)

How Joe Biden suckered Europe (Al Jazeera)

Payback time for Xi (Brahma Chellaney)

Watching China’s protests (American Conservative)

Germany exits FIFA World Cup (RT)

Popular unrest in Iran (Jacobin)

Punjabi migrants in Italy (Fifty Two)

Afghani migrants in America (Pro Publica)

Thread: Busting the IIT placement myth (Maheshwer Peri)

Drive: Dzongu & Borong (Team BHP)

Interview with author Pico Iyer (Mint)

Thread: Etymology of districts of Telangana (D Murali)

The story of Major Syamal Dev Goswami (Sentinels)

Varma Pazhassi Raja, Lion of Kerala (History)

Thread: Pandit Nehru & Japanese children (Paperclip)


All E : Cash > IPO

Interesting to see that the Co has cash on the books which is more than the primary issue of the IPO

Source: Red Herring Prospectus of All E Technologies Ltd


Arham: Ek Hi Kaafi Hain

Source: Prospectus of Arham Technologies Ltd

Chart QSR

India’s Eating Out Market

Source: Investor Presentation of Westlife Foodworld Ltd

Exchange Filings

Poddar: Poda to HDFC

Hat Tip: RP

Source: Exchange Filings of Poddar Housing & Development Ltd